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Scam Alerts News

Credit Repair, Food Stamp Promoters Found in Contempt of Court Marketers violated a 2010 settlement with the FTC

FBI: Crooks Took World's Largest Mined Ruby in Delaware Heist The ruby, in the shape of the Liberty Bell, has been missing since November

Scammers Now Using Pre-Paid Cards Instead Of Moneygrams But the scheme still leaves victims holding the bag

$1 Million Fine for False Seafood Labeling Was it grouper or was it catfish?

Feds Get $10 Million Settlement in Bruce Moneymaker Case Company allegedly targeted payday loan seekers and charged them without their consent

Acai Berry 'News' Sites Permanently Shut Down Defendants will pay $500,000 to settle deceptive practices charges

'Scammer Guard' Faces Fraud Lawsuit In Florida State claims company carried out 'fraudulent scheme'

Scammers Exploiting Foreclosure Review Process The real foreclosure review is free

'Immigration Center' Tricked Consumers, FTC Charges Charged $2,500 for immigration forms that are available at no charge

What's On Your Mind? Education Scams, Capital One, U-Hau Our daily look at consumer reviews

Timeshare Resale Agent Sentenced To Prison State maintains defendant scammed owners out of $30 million

Central Coast Neutraceuticals to Pay $1.5 Million Feds charged company used shady sales practices to peddle acai beerry supplements

Court Blocks Bogus Tax Credit Scheme California man claimed he had billions of dollars of tax credits to sell

Texas Freezes Assets Of Texas Highway Patrol Association State found group misrepresented itself to donors

Top Ten Scams Of 2011 Another year of economic struggle and the scams that accompany it

Feds Shut Down Alleged Father-Son Ponzi Scheme Statewide scheme took in $220 million in Utah

Feds Shut Down Acai Berry 'News" Sites "Free trial" cost consumers $25 million, complaint charges

Magic Jack Being Used In Phone Spoofing Scam Scam shows up in Mississippi

Feds Toughen Rules on Work-At-Home Schemes Promoters must provide more information to help consumers evaluate their programs

Feds Send Refunds to Defrauded Consumers Counterfeit check and prize scam victimized 200

Business Recovery Services Held in Contempt BRS "helps" individuals scammed by business opportunity schemes

Facebook Scams Snare Victims With 'Freebies' Scams offer free coffee and airline tickets

$30 Million Judgment in Bogus Government Grant Case "Grant Connect" used Obama photos to peddle its services

Fundraiser Claiming To Aid Veterans Banned In Oregon State says group gave no money to charity

Metro Dream Homes Founder Convicted in Mortgage Fraud Scheme Promised to pay off homeowners' mortgages but left them to fend for themselves

'Scam Recovery Kit' Promoters Found in Contempt Company owners face $1,000 per day fines

Defrauded Businesses, Non-Profits Get Refunds Checks are in the mail to victims of telemarketing scam


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