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Brandon Osborne�s proven success in real estate investing make his real estate investing tips and invaluable resource to you and anyone looking to become a successful real estate investor. Brandon shares his expertise and strategies with investors, and offers a simple guide to real estate investing by teaching investors the tools and techniques he has developed in his own successful career.

After graduating from graduate school with his masters in Physical Therapy, Brandon Osborn discovered the corporate life wasn�t going to provide his family the financial independence he desired. In 4 short years, he had climbed the proverbial corporate ladder to the top and maxed out his salary with no place to go. The only thing he could do was hope and pray for an annual bonus and wait for his 1-2% annual raise. Brandon Osborne decided to take charge of his own career, and started to learn about real estate investing.

Brandon Osborne captured every last detail of 10 truly successful real estate deals into now a jealously guarded step-by-step process: the simple guide to real estate investing. Be prepared as Brandon personally takes you by the hand and walks you through each and every transaction. You will see every nitty-gritty detail of each and every house he bought, sold and profited from. You will get to experience all his mistakes, lessons, failures and most importantly all of his successful triumphs and real estate investing tips that you can profit from handsomely. He�s left nothing out, and this is �real world� innovative techniques and applications for what really works in real estate investing. He has completed deals that will blow your mind and will take your real estate investment business to the next level and beyond.

Brandon Osborne has the expertise and experience to help you learn about real estate investing and, most importantly, Brandon can identify with all your fears and frustrations because he has experienced what you are experiencing. Brandon Osborne�s real estate investing tips will show you the pathway to success.

Brandon Osborne has revealed the answers to all of your real estate investing questions in �Case Studies To Cash�! Simply put, �this is where the rubber meets the road� so to speak in real estate investing and is not for the faint of heart but rather for those dead serious about making significant money in real estate.

Ken Preuss is an industry recognized leader in real estate foreclosure investing and foreclosure loss mitigation strategy.

Ken Preuss and his sister Eileen are a pre foreclosure real estate investing team from Chicago, Illinois.

With combined backgrounds in real estate foreclosure investing, foreclosure loss mitigation, education and financial services, they have created unique educational opportunities and business strategies for investors in the pre foreclosure real estate investing market.

In addition to their ongoing work educating new and experienced real estate investors and foreclosure loss mitigation specialists, Ken and Eileen Preuss are also actively investing in real estate markets across the country.
Ms. Mary Goins Richardson is Chief Operating Officer of PERSONAL INVESTMENT CORPORATION located in Park Ridge, Illinois PERSONAL INVESTMENT CORPORATION is a real estate services company which specializes in providing Foreclosure/Auction information for Cook, Lake, Will and Dupage counties.

The services which her company provide includes a comprehensive bi-monthly foreclosure and auction publication, in depth research of public records, and quarterly seminars as well as a one day 'hands-on' foreclosure class.

Ms. Richardson studied at the University of California at Berkeley where she studied and received a B.A. degree in Psychology. Ms. Richardson has an extensive management background whereby she has worked in supervisory capacities with several Fortune 500 corporations. She was nominated as "Outstanding Woman of the Year." In addition, Ms. Richardson has qualified to sell Real Estate in the state of Illinois. She has broadened her Real Estate education by completing investment courses and has a thorough working knowledge of foreclosure investment strategies.

Ms. Richardson, in addition to conducting her own seminars, has served as a guest lecturer for various real estate groups. Most recently she was a lecturer at the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" seminar where over 1000 people were in attendance. During the summer, Ms. Richardson mentors and teach real estate investing to school children between the ages of ten and seventeen. Ms. Richardson is also a former instructor for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin foreclosure classes.

Furthermore, she has participated in civic, church organizations and community forums explaining the dynamics of the foreclosure process. Ms. Richardson is a very active alumni from her high school in Mississippi where she mentors and awards college scholarship every year. Ms. Richardson believes that one person can make a difference She adopted an entire fourth grade class on Chicago's west side and purchased coats, hats and gloves for each student because ONE person can make a difference.

Ms. Richardson originally hails from Mississippi, but now resides in Park Ridge, Illinois with husband Johnny and daughters - Raphaelle, Raquelle and Rachelle.

Marko Rubel is an industry recognized, real estate investing expert, and is a pioneer in the area of automated investing and real estate investor software solutions. Rubel most recently developed an innovative, effective and automated system for attracting sellers and buyers, and building a wealth-producing real estate empire - ProfitGrabber.

Investors can be confident in using the strategies Marko teaches and employs, because the same strategies and techniques have created millions of dollars in his own personal wealth over the last few years. Rubel has been using the same strategies both in "seller's (hot)" and in "buyer's (soft)" markets, in different areas of the country, and full time in 3 areas of the western part of the United States, particularly in San Diego, Las Vegas and Phoenix, at one time or another.

Rubel has been successfully investing in real estate for many years. In different times, and different areas, Rubel has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits year after year since 1999.

And, as you can see, a hundred thousand dollar month is something that is 'common' in Rubel's life, and his expertise and proven systems teach real estate investors to make these kinds of incomes into reality in their lives as well!

Because of his extensive expertise and success in real estate direct marketing, Richard Roop has fast become known as �The Marketing Consultant for Real Estate Entrepreneurs,� and a recognized innovator in real estate business marketing and real estate direct mail marketing campaigns.

Richard Roop has been a full-time creative real estate investor since 1996 and continues to buy and sell 3 to 4 houses each month near his home in Woodland Park, Colorado. In addition to his successful real estate investment and real estate business marketing company, Richard shares his real estate direct mail marketing expertise with individual investors across North America and gives them the tools to build their businesses and increase their deal volumes.

Richard specializes in sharing proven, low cost real estate direct marketing strategies for attracting a steady flow of motivated sellers, as well as real estate business marketing systems for getting investment properties occupied fast. Richard also teaches investors systematic approaches to growing their businesses, leveraging their time and increasing their profitability on each deal.

Richard�s real estate direct marketing approach to investing teaches investors to achieve their financial goals WITHOUT hunting for deals, relying on agents, using their credit, offering large down payments, struggling with tenants, borrowing from banks or calling sellers.

Scott Scheel is the nation�s leading authority on creative commercial real estate investment. His unique strategies for investing in apartments, office buildings and retail shopping centers of any size have forever changed the world of successful commercial real estate investing.

Scott is a self educated Multi-Millionaire entrepreneur and 2 time Congressional Businessman of the year (2004 & 2005) as recognized in the Wall Street Journal.

Scott Scheel has created an amazing commercial real estate investing empire - with no formal education or previous experience - using his ingenuity and business aptitude. In the last decade he has bought or partnered on commercial properties worth in excess of $150,000,000. In last 22 months of investing alone, he has generated over $51,000,000 in commercial real estate investment profits � using other people�s money!

Scott Scheel teaches investors how to take their commercial real estate investment careers to the next level by expanding into the incredibly profitable world of commercial real estate investing, all the while protecting themselves from market volatility and fluctuation. Scott�s system covers in depth all major types of commercial properties including Apartments, Retail, Office, Warehouse and Industrial.

Through his resources available on Investor Wealth, Scott Scheel shares his little known secrets that allow anybody to be successful in commercial real estate investing.

Scott Scheel's bootcamps and courses teach investors:

How to be successful in commercial real estate investing even if you have no money, credit, or previous experience. The positive cash flow can be absolutely staggering � and the best part is that it�s true �PASSIVE� income!

How the perceived real estate bubble burst is creating a perfect storm for commercial real estate investment!

How to pull out six-figure checks and still own the property with a positive cash flow! Learn how to profit from the coming real estate bubble burst!

The 7 necessary steps in commercial real estate investment.

The 9 strategic paths to cash in commercial real estate investing.

5 Key strategies for finding million dollar deals from your first commercial real estate investment!

How to make 6 figure checks when you BUY... and 7 figures when you sell!

How to have more seller financed deals coming your way than you could ever do in an entire career in just 30 days!

How to correctly evaluate properties and commercial real estate investment deals!

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